MoRK – Cookies

On MoRK’s website we are using cookies in order to provide you with specific online information on the products and services we provide and to help us to either improve the content on our website or provide features on the website itself that make it easier for you to contact us. You need to accept the terms and conditions the first time you visit the website in order to properly view and interact with it, but information on the specific types of cookies we operate are provided below.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies allow the local temporary storage* of details regarding your specific information and preferences when visiting our site, whether it is accessing information about our products and services or contacting us through forms or a live chat.

There are also cookies that collect information on your site usage in order that we can continually improve the structure and content we provide, especially bearing in mind that we want you to find exactly the right information you need to make an informed decision as to whether our services are of use to you. We do not, however, collect data on individual visitors (i.e. personal information), only summarising statistics of visitors’ browsing on our own website.

* The duration of any cookie is set by a website creator, but cookies can be deleted locally after web browsing sessions.

The cookies we’re currently using:

  • Google Analytics (to analyse visitor activity)
  • WordPress (to run our website)